Splatoon's content continues to evolve and expand, and Nintendo has now confirmed the next Splatfest events for both Europe and North America. If you missed the previous memos, these are limited-time events in which you pick a side and battle for your team, with handy in-game prizes up for grabs.

As you can see in the tweets below, Europe and North America once again have different themes and times.

This writer prefers the North American variation, which could be rather close - though rollercoasters are better, obviously. Eating vs Sleeping is slightly bizarre, as sleeping isn't really an activity, but more a thing we all do to maintain sanity and reasonable health. Eating, well, that can actually be pleasurable.

In any case, while we contemplate the great philosophical posers of these Splatfests, let us know which team you plan to represent down there in the comments section.