Have a bone!

Secret of Evermore is one of Square's forgotten classics - a SNES title created entirely in North America that tried to ape stable mate Secret of Mana, but didn't quite match it. Despite being less acclaimed than some of Square's other 16-bit titles, Evermore still has plenty of fans - not just for its gameplay, but also for its rather excellent soundtrack.

Composed by Jeremy Soule - who has since worked on the likes of Skyrim and Guild Wars - Evermore's score is one of the SNES' most underrated, but composer and arranger Sean Schafianski aims to change that. He's remixed the game's music as part of his Video Game Music Remastered series, and the end result is Secret of Evermore: Remastered.

You can check out the sample trailer below, and the entire album is available for purchase - along with Schafianski's other work - here.

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