Splatoon Amiibo 3- Pack

We have yet more Splatoon videos coming your way. By now you should be aware of the amiibo challenges available in Splatoon, and thanks to a lack of stock - or certain unscrupulous folk spoiling the fun for UK GAME shoppers - you may be struggling to obtain all three Splatoon-themed amiibo.

Never mind, because we've rustled up a quick video for you to see what you can unlock when completing the challenges for the beautifully green Inkling Squid amiibo. These challenges are tough, but not too tough - they unlock the awesome Power Armour equipment, as well as a brand new arcade game to play while in the lobby. Plus, you'll get quite a bit of cash as well, to help pay for that weapon you've been drooling over in the Weapon store.

Check it out below - are you one of those with the squid amiibo, or do you still want to get hold of one?