Tappingo 2

It's taken a while, but the rather enjoyable Tappingo 2 has almost arrived in Europe. It's been confirmed that it'll hit the region on 25th June, though it will skip Germany, at least initially, which has its own separate rating system - USK.

The title's developer, Hugo Smits, has clarified that this is a decision that's been taken by the publisher, CIRCLE Entertainment, though he hopes to potentially self-publish the game in Germany himself in the future. The USK rating system brings its own costs, and this reinforces our previous report on some eShop publishers skipping Germany. Though Nintendo of Europe can't control how USK operates, it's nevertheless a rather embarrassing scenario due to the region's headquarters being in Frankfurt.

For the rest of Europe the arrival of this budget puzzle title should be good news. It adopts a rather clever spin on a Picross-style formula, and we rated it highly in our Tappingo 2 review.

Are you planning to pick this up, or are you in Germany and set to miss out? Let us know.