Nintendo World Championships

The Nintendo World Championships live event in LA will be a fun way to kick off E3 week, and Nintendo of America has now outlined key details on the contest. We now know two of the games to be included - one freshly announced - along with a basic format, the competitors and the host.

In terms of the format and games included, the following has been confirmed:

  • Eight games, a mix of retro and current-day, will feature
  • Splatoon will be included
  • Nintendo previously announced that the original NES The Legend of Zelda will feature

As for the event's host, that's Kevin Pereira, a well-known host in the US with some E3 experience of working on Microsoft's live coverage in past events. Nintendo has also confirmed the eight guest competitors that'll join those that qualified, bringing us up to 16 competitors in total. Sadly there's no Thor Ackerlund, who's best known for winning the 1990 event. The eight guest competitors are:

  • Sinister1 (speedrunner)
  • Cosmo (speedrunner)
  • TheMexicanRunner ('NES completionist')
  • Bananas (speedrunner)
  • Essentia (speedrunner)
  • Trihex (speedrunner)
  • Jovenshire (Smosh Games)
  • Arin (Game Grumps)

The commentators have also been confirmed:

  • djWHEAT
  • Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
  • Justin Flynn

A video outlining these details is below. So, what do you think?