While Mario Kart 8 has provided two core packs of fairly substantial DLC, Super Smash Bros. has delivered a range of options with one new fighter so far - Mewtwo - and a batch of Mii Fighter outfits. When you add all of the Smash Bros. DLC together there's already a hefty selection, albeit the outfits are limited to specific categories of Mii characters.

The collection will keep growing, too - we have Lucas due as an extra fighter this month (June) and Splatoon outfits coming in the Summer, and Nintendo's now confirmed a K.K. Slider Hat and Outfit. Nintendo of Europe has stated it's 'coming soon', though the official website currently has TBD for pricing and release date. We do know that this will be an outfit for Mii Gunners.

KK Slider Smash Bros

If this outfit fires music notes from the guitar, it could be hard to resist.

Will you be tempted to pick this outfit up?