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It was only yesterday that brought a rumour of Nintendo's next console potentially using Google's Android OS, courtesy of Japanese business publication Nikkei.

Unfortunately for lovers of Google's trendy OS, it appears this rumour is unsubstantiated. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, a spokesman for Nintendo firmly stated: "There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX".

One of the advantages Nintendo would have gained by using Android in its next console would be flexibility - there are rumours that NX will be a hybrid system which bridges the gap between domestic and portable hardware. Android can be used comfortably in both environments, and supports HDMI output, external storage and Bluetooth controllers, such as joypads, keyboards and mice.

However, while some analysts could see some merits of a Nintendo console based on the Android OS, issues of security and managing content to cater for families and children were potential concerns. On the flipside, a possible move to Android could have opened the door to a range of developers and projects yet to be considering for the big N's hardware.

Does this clarification make you breathe a sigh of relief for the future of the NX platform, or do you think that Nintendo might be missing a trick by not creating an Android based system for their next console? As always have your say with a comment below.