Blast 'em all

Following the full reveal of Star Fox Zero at this year's E3, our good friends at Eurogamer have secured an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Platinum's Yusuke Hashimoto, who talk about how the game has developed since we were first told about it last year.

Miyamoto talks a little about how the game was first created, and how Nintendo prepares projects before looking around for development partners:

Nintendo's working hard in terms of partnerships with lots of different development companies to try and create as many different titles as possible. The way I think about this kind of development is, a small team can create the core of the game, and then we think about who we want to shop that out to.

He then explained that Platinum stepped in following the production of Bayonetta 2:

It was at this exact time last year, when we were showing off the Star Fox prototype, that Platinum Games was talking about wanting to put the Arwing in Bayonetta 2. And that project was wrapping up, so I thought, 'this could be good,' so I talked to Mr Inaba about getting a partnership going.

Miyamoto also stated that Project Guard is being worked up as a full game at Platinum as we speak.

Director Hashimoto - who also worked on Bayonetta 2 - explains that while Platinum's Hideki Kamiya isn't involved with Star Fox, he's been offering words of encouragement:

The only input from Mr Kamiya is, do your best!

My background is in creating climax action scenes, so I like to think that we've put a lot of that element in. Mr Kamiya tends to get everything down in very very precise detail before moving forward, and... you can experience his attention to detail right through the game.

Miyamoto on the other hand admits that his style is a little different:

My way of working adds a bit of immediacy to it, so while the game is being programmed I'm always bringing new ideas, just writing them down on paper and passing them on to the programmers.

Now that you've had chance to watch that Star Fox Zero trailer over and over, what are your feelings about the game? And how do you feel about Project Guard being re-tooled by Platinum? Let us know by posting a comment.