When Koji Igarashi - the producer on classic Castlevania titles - teased a Kickstarter campaign, there was an unsurprising meltdown online. The eventual Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter campaign delivered what many hoped for - an action platformer that brings to mind the heritage of Igarashi-san's best work, albeit with modern touches.

Unfortunately for Wii U owners the Wii U wasn't included as a supported platform, but that was before the campaign exploded in popularity. It obliterated its $500,000 target quickly and - at the time of writing - has passed $2.5 million with over 20 days still to go. It's been blasting through stretch goals as a result, and now there's very real hope that Wii U will come in at $3 million. It's from the teasing image below.

Bloodstained Wii U

That area at the bottom certainly looks like the top of the Wii U logo, and fans in the comments for the campaign update have played around with contrast and brightness, reinforcing the impression that Nintendo's system is finally in the running.

We'll know soon enough, of course, but we suspect this title would be rather popular on Nintendo's hardware.

Thanks to all that sent this in.