Welcome to the Blue parade

When Activision announced its plans to relaunch Guitar Hero recently, ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way was one of the artists it recruited to promote the move. Way has since been talking to UK newspaper Metro about gaming in general, and has revealed that he's a big fan of The Legend of Zelda - and the Wii U entry The Wind Waker HD in particular.

Way explains that in his early life, the Atari 2600 got him into gaming, but then a certain Japanese company changed all of that:

The Atari 2600 was everywhere. My parents bought one for the family and it was kind of life-changing. Then Nintendo came along and me and my brother [fellow My Chemical Romance founder Mikey Way] were superglued to it.

Way's recollections are probably quite similar to any kid growing up during this era, but he goes on to explain that his love for Nintendo has endured over the decades:

We really got into Zelda and became fans for life. I play Zelda with my daughter now. She really likes games where you have to figure things out. That's on the Wii U - we play The Wind Waker reissue. One of the cool things about the game is that Princess Zelda isn't just a princess, she's like a pirate queen - it's a lot better than just saving a princess.

Regardless of your opinion of the man and his music (we're personally big fans of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge here in the Nintendo Life office), it's refreshing to see the Wii U get some more positive press, and encouraging to see someone in the public eye speak so highly of one of Nintendo's treasured franchises.

Thanks, Chris Dring!

Image credit: Electric Blue Skies