Worth dying for?

The amiibo stock situation has been in the headlines for the majority of 2015, with Nintendo seemingly incapable of meeting demand for its highly-desirable plastic, NFC-enabled figurines. This has left many collectors feeling particularly disgruntled, as rare amiibo are impossible to find in stores and usually wind up online, where merciless scalpers sell them for many times over their original retail price.

Of course, while this is an annoying situation for fans, we have to remind ourselves that - hey - this is just gayly-coloured lumps of plastic we're talking about here. And with that in mind, we recommend you watch amiibo: The Movie (or "Movii", if you prefer), a humourous take on the situation which charts one man's hopelessly naive quest to collect every single figure.

It's a well-produced and cleverly-written piece of work, with moments of violence that some viewers might find upsetting - so consider yourself warned. For us, the highlight comes right at the end, with a neat homage to Martin Scorsese's fantastic movie The Departed.