Mario! Mario!

Following the glorious resurrection of The Nintendo World Championships, we thought it would be a good time to reminisce over the events of 25 years ago, when the original competition took place at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

The video below is a handy summary of this epic period, showing the hopeful contestants and the games that pushed them to their very limits. The energy projected by ebullient host Terry Lee Torok is palpable - but my God, the hairstyles and clothing will bring back painful memories for anyone old enough to recall the desolate fashion wasteland that was the early '90s.

This year's championships will be somewhat different, we would imagine - the games will look a lot more advanced, for a start. However, we can't help but pine for a more innocent era when hosts could utter the line "Nervously fingering on that controller" and not a single soul would bat an eyelid.

And that music! Cowabunga, dudes!. Watch and enjoy.