The Great Ace Attorney is shaping up to be a rather neat new entry in the famous Capcom franchise, going back to 19th Century England and teaming up Phoenix Wright's ancestor with Sherlock Holmes. If that's not a concept that gets your blood pumping, then you may not be a fan of the series and its wacky ways.

It's arriving in Japan on 9th July, and Capcom has revealed some lovely box art for the release, which you can see below.

The Great Ace Attorneybox

Based on the precedent of recent releases, of course, this may be localised as an eShop-only game in the West. If that is to be the case it'll hopefully not be too far away; we'll have a beady eye on Capcom's E3 announcements, as they've brought news of Ace Attorney Western releases in previous years.

Are you keen to get hold of this in the future?