Super Metroid

It may seem like distant history now, but there was a relatively recent time when the Virtual Console was merely an idea rattling around in Nintendo HQ. Super Metroid is one classic that's now been available to buy on two separate occasions, but there was a time when it was almost a bonus feature in a more modern classic - Metroid Prime.

This isn't entirely new - due to previous rumours - but there's now more evidence to suggest that Retro Studios planned to included the SNES classic as a bonus in its GameCube release. Included as part of the Game Boy Advance connectivity options, a dedicated programmer in the Prime team had successfully included Super Metroid as a fully functional unlockable. Unfortunately, as this was before the Virtual Console, this solo effort from a skilled member of the Texas-based studio had utilised a third-party emulator, which Nintendo's bosses quickly shut down.

You can see the full story below - we can't imagine the excitement back in 2002 if this had happened, but it wasn't to be.

With thanks to Liam from Unseen64.