Squid Games

The plaza featured in the upcoming Wii U title, Splatoon, will allow players to interact with the game world in an assortment of ways, and the latest Nintendo Direct today has revealed a few extra hidden surprises within the happening location.

First is the inclusion of a vintage arcade machine, featuring 8-bit squid-based games. The starter title, Squid Jump, will involve players jumping higher and higher whilst avoiding enemies, racing the clock and progressing through stages.

Additional 8-bit offerings will include Squidball – launching birds at lines of jellyfish – Squid Racer and Squid Beatz, the latter being a seemingly addictive rhythm-based game. These extra games can be unlocked by completing each amiibo figurine's 20 missions in the amiibo challenge mode.

Inkling Girl's missions focus on charger weapons, Inkling Boy's missions utilise roller weapons and the Inkling Squid missions combine the Kraken weapon with a limited supply of ink. Clearing these missions will unlock special gear, and clearing all of them will unlock the additional 8-bit mini-games which can be played at any time in the plaza, or while waiting to connect to an online match.

Let us know in the comments if you like the idea of playing retro squid titles while you wait for an online match, and also if you think 20 missions per amiibo – including unlockable gear and additional mini-games – is good value.