Bet the sales figures look even better in 1989 numbers

With Nintendo platform indie games taking an unprecedented place on the Humble Bundle in North America, attention has focused on deals. Developer Vblank Entertainment, however, is expressing happiness with how their game sells at full price.

The Twitter account for Retro City Rampage states that, even though the 3DS "DX" version of the game arrived more than a year later to the party than some other versions, it has been the top seller at MSRP.


The account also takes the Tom Nook-ian opportunity to note that Retro City Rampage: DX is currently 50% off for a couple more days. If some are fearing this is an attempt at a cash grab before the game pops up on the Humble Bundle, it was also announced that the game will not be a future part of that package.

An additional tweet expressed further satisfaction with the developer's interaction with the eShop, including a call-out to NOA Senior Manager of Marketing and Licensing Damon Baker.


Baker, by the way, has been showing the love for indies right back today. As of the time of this post, he is the top contributor to the Humble Bundle.

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