13AM Games' forthcoming Wii U eShop title Runbow is shaping up nicely - as you'll no doubt be aware if you read our early impressions of the game - and it has become even more appealing thanks to the addition of special guest characters from a whole host of other Wii U indie titles.

Shovel Knight (from Shovel Knight, obviously), Rusty (from Steamworld Dig), Juan (from Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition), Tostada (also from Guacamelee), Swift Thornebrooke (from Sportsball), Scram Kitty (from Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails), CommanderVideo (from the BIT.TRIP series) and CommanderGirlVideo (also from the BIT.TRIP series) are all coming along for the ride. When you offer support for up to 9 players, you need a big roster, right?

You can view all of these characters in action in the new trailer below. Runbow is expected to launch this year.