Kirby Handbag

The latest entry in Girls Mode series (known locally as Style Savvy or New Style Boutique depending on where you live) will strut its stuff on the catwalk later this month when it debuts in Japan on 16th April.

As with all of Nintendo’s current releases, Girls Mode 3: Kira Kira Code will receive the amiibo treatment. As previously reported, late last month the official website revealed not only 19,000 different types of clothing and accessories for the game, but also the opportunity to unlock special items with amiibo figurines.

Following this reveal, an overview trailer of Girls Mode 3 has now been released in Japan. The video highlights the many features in the new 3DS title along with the recently announced amiibo item unlocks. Take a look below:

New Japanese commercials for Girls Mode 3 have also been released:

There is currently no information regarding a local release of Girls Mode 3, but given the success of Style Savvy / New Style Boutique series fingers crossed we hear about a localisation of the latest entry in the near future – perhaps even in the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these Girls Mode 3 trailers and the amiibo unlocks.

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