Xenoblade Chronicles X 67185

Xenoblade Chronicles X has had us drooling over its mighty array of transformable mechs from the very beginning, treating us to glimpses of these powerful weapons soaring across the sky and engaging in combat. Today's special Nintendo Direct focused on the upcoming Western localization, and revealed that the technology has been re-branded.

We've previously known these beastly machines by their deceptively-demure Japanese title of "Dolls", but this translation hasn't made it across the pond. Rather, we'll be calling them "Skells", which sounds a bit spooky scary, but does have a nice futuristic edge to it.

Rest assured, they're still as versatile and exciting as ever when it comes to gameplay, it's just a simple name change that's part of the Western translation. It's possible that we'll see a few more similar changes throughout the planet of Mira and her five main continents, but that remains to be seen.

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