This year Nintendo - in its partnership with DeNA - will be endeavouring to make its brands a major success on iOS and Android with its own official games and apps. It'll discover, if it hasn't done so already, that the platforms are already flooded with its IP - or lousy versions of them, in any case.

An example to emerge recently is The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk's Awakening, which has wittily changed one letter in its name and is a simplistic Flappy Bird clone. You guessed it, you tap to boost flight and try to fly through gaps.

Lonks Awakening1
Lonks Awakening2
Lonks Awakening3
Lonks Awakening4

It's available now on iOS and is apparently also coming to Android. Bizarrely it's free and without ads on iOS, but its website - which we'll refrain from sharing here - has a version playable in browsers that seeks donations, or you can pay for downloads on various formats. Quite whether Nintendo will bother to tackle this one or let it rest alongside its various other clones and rip-offs is unclear.

It's safe to say that Nintendo won't be alone in releasing its IPs on iOS and Android.

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