Mario Kart 8- DLC2

It's clear that Nintendo's approach to DLC has moved on a great deal when extras begin to take on the status of a brand new release. With April being generally low on enticing new releases, the big N successfully got plenty of current Wii U and 3DS gamers excited with DLC for existing evergreen blockbusters. In the case of Super Smash Bros. there was a high profile but relatively minor additions, with Mewtwo and Mii outfits arriving.

It's rather different with Mario Kart 8 - its DLC Pack 2 has two new cups and, courtesy of the free super-fast and tricky 200cc mode, plenty of cups to beat all over again. Even old courses arguably feel fresh with the new speed class, which is certainly pleasing with a price tag of zero. There are smaller bonuses too, such as amiibo Mii outfits (free if you have the toys) and new characters + vehicles with the paid DLC.

Impressions among the Nintendo Life team have certainly been overwhelmingly positive, but now that the preview videos and live music performances have made way for a solid few days of playtime, how do you rate these racing extras? Have they met expectations, exceeded them or even disappointed you?

It's easy for us to assume that everyone loves the DLC, but we want to know for sure - below you can share your thoughts by clicking on buttons and writing comments.

What do you think of the 200cc race class?
What's your favourite mode / content from Mario Kart 8's recent DLC / update?
Which of the latest DLC tracks is your favourite?
Which is your favourite of the new DLC characters?
Which new DLC vehicle do you like the most?