Baby Park MK8

It's a fun day for Mario Kart 8 fans, with a free update bringing a 200cc race class and more Mii costumes to unlock with amiibo. On top of that there's the main attraction, with DLC Pack 2 available now and bringing eight new tracks, three characters and four vehicles.

We thought we'd celebrate the arrival with some Tournaments, as a blast from the past and to allow all NLifers to race against each other, no doubt dishing out hefty red shell justice when fighting over first place.

We want everyone - or at least everyone that's unlocked 200cc - to take part, so will run two separate tournaments to support the full range of tracks. One will include the original cups, and the other will be exclusively DLC tracks - the latter does include DLC Pack 1, too, we can't specify to only have this week's arrivals. Blame Nintendo, not us!

The details are all below, with the names, codes and rules. We're setting a 16 race limit in each so that winners can be applauded, but don't forget you can still race after you've completed your allocation, just without gaining any more points.

To the details then - you simple head online, into Tournaments and then find the competitions below; the codes are required for access.

NLife 200cc Classic

Code: 1991-0968-4731
All original tracks, no DLC
16 Races
Hard CPU turned on

NLife 200cc DLC

Code: 8480-6105-3588
Only DLC tracks
16 Races
Hard CPU turned on

Both of these tournaments kick off today (23rd April) at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern / 5pm UK / 6pm CET and will run for 24 hours.

So there you have it. If technology and bandwidth permits we'll also be live streaming some action later, so stay tuned!