It's not uncommon to attend an expo nowadays, see a particularly long queue and accurately assume that those fans are in line to see a YouTube star. Some online celebs have millions of subscribers and over a billion views to their name, making them a big draw for the crowds at events.

Legends of Gaming is an expo that aims to tap into that, which brings together some of the biggest YouTube names in the UK for live arena tournaments and stage appearances. On top of that there are exhibitors showing off their latest games, and Nintendo is confirmed to be in attendance with a booth at the Alexandra Palace London event.

It's all happening from 4th - 6th September and tickets are on sale - specifics on which games Nintendo will be showing are unknown, but the trailer below suggests that Mario Kart 8 will feature in some of the live stage matches.

If you want more information you can check out the official website. Meanwhile, one of the confirmed YouTube stars that'll be competing - Dan The Diamond Minecart - is pretty darn good at MK8. He cleaned house in our special YouTuber tournament at EGX last year.