Xenoblade Chronicles X is already shaping up to be the largest - by a distance - game on the Wii U, with dozens (perhaps hundreds) of hours required to see it through. It arrives in Japan soon, too, so more will emerge later in April.

An image of the download card for the title has been doing the rounds over on NeoGaf, however, prompting speculation of DLC Quests, with the implication being paid DLC. It's worth remembering that the rather lovely Wii U bundle in Japan does include a 1000 Yen eShop card as a special item, so that naturally adds weight to the claim; you can see the card that's prompted the chatter below.

Xenoblade X Card

Paid content can take many forms, of course, especially with the Avatar system in this title - extra costumes and items seem like a reasonable bet. At this stage, though, full confirmation is yet to be given.

Quite how much content we need in one game is up for debate, as this title already appears to be monstrous in size. We may learn more about potential DLC this week, though - the next video 'Special' is happening on 10th April at 10pm Japanese time / 3pm CET / 2pm UK / 9am Eastern and 6am Pacific.

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