Fans were no doubt pleased to discover earlier this year that the Langrisser series is being reignited to bring Langrisser Re: Incarnation Tensei to the 3DS. After a 15 year break it is fair to say that fans are ready, and now the buzz can be heightened further by the announcement that world famous composer Noriyuki Iwadare will return.

Noriyuki Iwadare has worked as a composer on various video game series, such as Ace Attorney, Lunar, and many others, but insists he wants "to do even more" work for Langrisser. Iwadare goes onto say - "I believe that the new Langrisser game was made into something that will meet all of your expectations, so please look forward to its release in July!" That July reference is for the Japanese release date, naturally.

Regrettably, it has been reported that the brand new game within the series won't be seeing the return from illustrator Satoshi Urushihara. Although we are disappointed, apparently the game will be accompanied by a new Steampunk-inspired look, leading us to the conclusion that it'll be taking on a futuristic style as opposed to the usual fantasy presentation. The battle system is also said to have undergone another aesthetic make over. Instead of the battles consisting of a 10 on 10 of character units, we will now be using a unit comprising of Infantry, Cavalry, and Archers. More details of the brand new battle system should be arriving soon.

The Japanese release date for Langrisser Re: Incarnation Tensei has been announced for July 23rd, but unfortunately hasn't been declared for the West as of yet.

We're certainly happy to see one of our favourite composers come back to help with the series, but how do you feel about the return of Noriyuki Iwadare?