Splatoon is the next major Wii U retail release on the way from Nintendo, arriving in Europe and North America on 29th May - the latter region now has a confirmed Wii U hardware bundle to look forward to, as Nintendo aims to convert hype around the colourful shooter into some additional system sales.

Splatoon Wii U Bundle

As you can see above this bundle will come with some handsome box art and the standard black 32GB system; it'll also have a download code for Splatoon and Nintendo Land already pre-installed. It'll be pretty decent value at $299.99, but will be exclusive to Best Buy in North America; at the time of writing the bundle hasn't appeared for pre-order on the Best Buy website, though it launches alongside the game and its amiibo on 29th May.

We certainly think that leveraging major releases with bundles is wise, with this one landing at a similar moment in the year to the equivalent Mario Kart 8 bundle of 2014.

What do you think of this bundle, and do you think it'll sell well in North America? Do you want to see this in PAL regions too? Let us know.