Majora's Mask Game Boy

We love a good custom paint job of classic gaming hardware here at Nintendo Life Towers, and this Majora's Mask Game Boy is one of the coolest mods we have seen in a while. French artist Oskunk has given this tired old Game Boy a refreshing new lease of life by bringing it bang up to date with a Majora's Mask makeover.

From the way the D-Pad and B-button are incorporated into Skull Kid's eyes and the back of the unit with a crazed looking moon in early '90s style graffiti, this is a Game Boy which you'd be proud to be seen taking out of your bum bag (or fanny pack to our American audience) in 2015.

The only potential problem with this mod is that Majora's Mask was never on the humble Game Boy, but we're just nitpicking now. Let us know what you think of this 'dope' paint job by leaving a comment below.