It's old news, at the moment, that whenever Nintendo announces a limited edition product the following will happen - online pre-orders will sell out in minutes, and scalpers will sell the goods (often pre-orders, not the actual product) on eBay. It's an unescapable reality at present, though we did recently outline some ideas for how Nintendo and retailers could try and minimise the problem.

Some would say that eBay itself isn't particularly to blame, though the marketplace has inexplicably decided to troll - and that's a term we feel is appropriate - amiibo fans over the weekend. It posted the following tweet which, at the time of writing, is still live.

It's a thin line between humour and poor taste, sometimes, and we feel this qualifies as the latter. It's also worth pointing out that the linked listing is for a $200 Buy it Now option that is, of course, selling a pre-order. It's shoddy on multiple levels.

It's not particularly smart of eBay, with over 470,000 followers, to post daft tweets like this.

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