Ninja 2

It's been about a week and sure enough, we have another new character class for Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The Ninja is the newest addition to the gradually growing character class list.

The Ninja appears to be a speedy class, getting in close and dealing lots of quick, low-damage blows to enemies. Additionally, Ninja classes can use Ninpo powers to inflict various status ailments on enemies, much like the Hexer class revealed last week, enabling it to be used as a decent support class.

Here's some deftly captured footage and screens that depict the elusive Ninja in action:

Ninja 1
Ninja 3
Ninja 4

If Atlus keeps going at this pace, there'll be about four more character classes revealed over the coming weeks. Naturally, we'll keep you posted on these as they're revealed.

Will you be picking this up? What do you think of the Ninja class? Sneak around in the comments below.