Baby steps

Jonathan "Bidds" Biddle is leaving Curve Digital to head up his own indie studio, called onebitbeyond. Biddle was employed as Curve's Design Director and is the brains behind series such as Fluidity (also known as Hydroventure) And Stealth Inc.

This isn't the end of Biddle's connection with Curve, however - his new studio will be publishing games via his old employer. As anyone who has been following Curve's progress over the past few years will know, the company has grown from being a developer to publishing the titles of other studios - the most recent being Roll7's OlliOlli on Wii U and 3DS.

Speaking of the move in an official statement, Biddle said:

I'm so intensely proud of the work I've done as part of the incredible team at Curve over the past ten years, and I'm hoping to continue creating games as fresh and exciting as those Curve made with my own studio for years to come. Having seen the intimate inner workings of Curve Digital's publishing as it has grown, I couldn't imagine trusting anyone more with publishing my future titles. I'm looking forward to many more years of working with Curve as onebitbeyond Ltd.

Biddle had previously been working on Rogue-like shooter White Space at Curve, which you can see in action below. Ownership of the title will now pass to his new company.

However, we spoke to Biddle this morning and he revealed that he's not yet decided which project his studio will work on first:

The first thing I'm going to do is take stock of whether I should continue with White Space, or make something else I've got in mind. I want to make 100% sure I'm making the right thing for me rather than just blindly continue on with what I was doing.

He did confirm however that he wants any of his future games to be on the Wii U:

As far as I'm concerned, I want my future titles to be on everything, and that certainly includes Wii U - I love the thing. However, I think I'm probably nearly two years out.

It's a shame that one of Curve's most recognisable staffers is moving on, but we're happy to see that Biddle - easily one of the nicest and most approachable developers we've had the pleasure of meeting - will continue to have a relationship with the studio he did so much to build.

Are you looking forward to what Biddle and his team at onebitbeyond can cook up? Would you like to see development on White Space continue? Let us know with a comment.