Ban this sick filth?

Following the announcement that Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is coming to the west, a columnist in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has attacked the game for its objectification of women.

Journalist Kersin Alex - who reviews games for the newspaper - has stated that she has issues with developers making "entertainment" of objectification, "especially when there are no obvious elements of parody, satire or deeper message." She also said that Nintendo "has a responsibility" to prevent games of this type reaching market, and that everyone involved - developers, publishers, hardware makers and the gamers who buy the end product - is guilty of having a very "stale" view of women.

Marvelous Europe is launching the game in a variety of different SKUs, including a pack which features a mouse mat with large breasts to rest your wrist on, and a "Happy Boobs" edition.

Senran Kagura 2 will carry a 16+ age rating in Europe when it launches this summer. [UPDATE: We've since been informed by Marvelous that no age rating has been given yet, and that the packaging does not reflect the final rating the title will receive.]

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