The arrival of Mario Party 10 on 20th March is the end-result of one of this generation's inevitabilities; the fact we're onto number ten says all we need to know about how prolific this series has been on Nintendo's home consoles since the Nintendo 64 days. We may not all clamour to pick these titles up when they arrive, but they clearly sell in big numbers and keep plenty of gamers entertained.

Nintendo is a leader in the field, arguably, in helping groups sitting around a TV have fun in local multiplayer; that's the focus in Nintendo of America's advertising, of course. Families are unsurprisingly the target audience, and in the latest commercials we see parents, kids and friends tackling a whole load of minigames. The key slogan is "being bad has never felt this good", with Bowser's play through the GamePad being pitched as a twist in the formula.

Nintendo UK, meanwhile, has recently posted a couple of short videos showing off minigames; you can see these below.

Are you planning to pick up Mario Party 10, and do you think these videos do a good job of selling the game to those on the fence? Let us know.