We recently reported that the classic strategy series Langrisser - known in the west as Warsong - is getting a new entry for the Nintendo 3DS. That title now has a final name - Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei - and a solid release window of July in Japan.

The game will replicate the classic battle system seen in the original titles, and will feature hidden stages and 40 voice actors. The love interest angle introduced in Langrisser III will also make a return via "Confession Events" which impact the overall story and ending. Noriyuki Iwadare - who was responsible for the superb music in past entries - will return to compose the soundtrack.


Publisher Masaya has also revealed details on a limited edition "Legend Box" for the game, which comes with super-deformed character figures, two soundtrack CDs containing more than 20 songs from from previous entries in the series and a 64 page art box featuring the work of Satoshi Urushihara and Hiroshi Kaieda.

There's no word on a western release at this time - but would you want to see one? Share your thoughts by posting a comment.

[source inside-games.jp, via gematsu.com]