An interesting way to tackle the topic

You just never know what will show up on YouTube next - everything from education to entertainment is a mere click away and new videos go viral every day. It's always interesting to find a channel that specifically focuses on a particular topic and regularly adds videos that deepen the viewers' understanding of the subject; 8-bit Philosophy is one such channel, dedicated to describing complex subjects and philosophical problems using assets and footage from old-school games.

Just recently, the channel put up a video using sprites and assets from Super Mario Bros. 2. Through Mario and his friends, the video endeavours to explain how Calvinism influenced the creation of Capitalism and how that in turn affects the modern workforce of America (and many other countries besides). It's a fascinating and mildly disturbing watch that deepens understanding of the foundation of the US economy.

What do you think of this video? Do you agree with the points they make? Feel free to debate in the comments below.