Resident Evil 2

Just recently Capcom released a new HD version of Resident Evil - that's a HD port of a port, for the record - that annoyingly skipped Wii U. That first game is wheeled out regularly, yet its arguably superior sequel - surprisingly called Resident Evil 2 - isn't shown quite the same love.

We're big fans of this one, and recall with admiration the trickery employed to successfully port the title to the cartridge-based Nintendo 64, an impressive feat considering all of the full-motion video cutscenes. Those dreaming of a HD re-release can merely look on at this impressive fan-effort from Rod Lima; it's described as an educational project, in which he recreates UI assets, utilises environments from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and pulls it all together in Unreal Engine 3.

It's rather impressive, and you can see a full playthrough below.

This project was once going to adopt a Resident Evil 4 over-the-shoulder angle, but it's rather nice to see the traditional fixed camera perspectives; due to the inevitable copyright issues it'll never be released, however.

Are you impressed by this, and would you like to see an official HD re-release of Resident Evil 2?