Scram Kitty

Many of you may remember Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails. The crazy rail shooter took its name rather literally and featured a gunner that moved along physical rails, with the goal being to shoot all the evil mice in a space station and save all the cats. It was a pretty strange setting; but nonetheless we really liked it, with the only reservations being some unfair level design and awkward controls.

The developer of Scram Kitty, Dakko Dakko, recently performed an interview with Eurogamer - with the title now landing imminently on PS4 and Vita - about the studio's philosophy and future plans. Inevitably, the Wii U was brought up in the discussion and Rhodri Broadbent - Dakko Dakko's lead designer - was quite enthusiastic about the console, explaining how it takes a unique console to make a unique game. He also rather casually stated that there's something else in the works at Dakko Dakko coming to Wii U, though no details were given. Here's the relevant quote from the interview:

I love it! It's still a little joy box to me. As a developer, I'm still working on a project right now I can't talk about now on the Wii U. It always brings a lot of new potential to gameplay, because you think about things in a different way. It's always nice to have more control options, and more weirdness in your hardware in terms of being able to inspire new ideas in a developer. I'm sad it hasn't reached the market it was supposed to, or I expected it to. But in terms of delivering good games I think it's doing well.

I'm a big fan of all crazy hardware. As a kid, and as a developer, I've always been interested in things that use hardware and interesting ways, and interesting hardware that brings new interesting experiences. That is the essence of gameplay for me, that fusion of the hardware and software together - when the hardware's more quirky, the software can become so.

It's always nice to see developers talking up the Wii U, and Dakko Dakko has a track record for creating weird and wonderful games, so this new project will be something to keep an eye on. You can read the full interview here.

Were you a fan of Scram Kitty? What would you like to see next from this studio? Sound off in the comments below.