New3 DSad

There's always some buzz when new hardware arrives, and while the New Nintendo 3DS is a mid-generation iteration it does, nevertheless, bring new goodies to fans of portable gaming. Nintendo's lined up its ducks for the release, too, ensuring that multiple major retail titles have landed in stores with the systems to boost that 'New' hardware feel.

Of course, there'll be 3DS owners or Nintendo fans that won't have been drawn into the launch rush for a unit, whether waiting a while or simply having no interest in the new hardware. Over 50 million original 3DS units have been sold, yet in the DS era its revision - the DSi - failed to hit the heights of the DS Lite phenomenon. The New 3DS arguably offers more of a boost in functionality in comparison to the DSi's equivalent sales pitch, but key selling points such as amiibo support will eventually be fulfilled on standard models through an accessory. The question remains, then - do features such as super stable 3D, a faster CPU and the C-Stick do enough to convince newcomers or existing 3DS gamers to put down the cash?

Back in January plenty of you were certainly interested in picking up a New Nintendo 3DS when we ran a series of polls, so we're keen to see whether that's still the case. We're certainly interested to see how the numbers have changed, and whether purchasing intentions from a month ago have converted into sales. Let us know whether you're an early adopter for the system - and for major releases - in the poll and comments below, or just natter about your early experiences with the system; that's fine too.

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