You can have both!

As we informed you a few days ago, Nintendo has been planning to perform a wireless distribution of a free code that will gift players of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire with an Eon Ticket; it's an item that will enable trainers to visit the Southern Island and catch either Latios or Latias, depending on which version is owned. The Eon Ticket was initially delivered to a few select players by Junichi Masuda - the Pokémon series producer - with the idea being that it'd spread as it was duplicated and passed along to new players via StreetPass. As it would happen, not everybody lives in highly populated areas and some were left out.

For those of you who still haven't received it, Nintendo is bailing you out. North American players need only to enter the code "2015LATIOSLATIAS" under the mystery gift tab to have the fabled ticket bestowed upon them. For Europeans, the code is "POKEMON380381". Obviously, an internet connection is required to receive this, but hopefully this should ensure that just about everybody gets an Eon Ticket. Do be quick about it, though, as the event's over on Monday!

It's always good to see Nintendo doing little post-release support things such as this and it's doubtless there will be more event Pokémon to come. Will you be downloading this? If not, when did you receive your Eon Ticket?