There are good odds that a large number of gamers that pick up a New Nintendo 3DS this week will be upgrading from an older model. Before selling or trading in the older system - or putting it away for safekeeping - most will naturally want to transfer their content across to the shiny new hardware. If you're one of these gamers, a fresh video from Nintendo of America should help you along.

This three and a half minute guide provides a handy walkthrough of the process if you're opting to transfer via PC. The process with the New models is more fiddly than with the original systems due to the switch from SD cards to micro SDHC media, while there's also some particularly poor wording in some of the process questions. On top of this the vital first step is to not login with your Nintendo Network ID on the New machine prior to the transfer. Instinctive it 'ain't.

We'll be producing a written guide with pretty pictures prior to the New Nintendo 3DS launching, but we certainly recommend this video too - just don't expect to rattle through the process as quickly as the shortened routine shown below.