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In our original post we mis-read the email details that we received and tied this promotion to all game pre-orders, whereas this is actually for those that bought the Ambassador's New Nintendo 3DS, including them in a deal previously reserved for those that pre-ordered a New Nintendo 3DS from the Official UK store. The article below has been updated to reflect this.

Original Article:

UK Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition system owners excited about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D have more reason to be cheerful ahead of the game's arrival on 13th February, as the official UK store and Club Nintendo in the country are offering a free Skull Kid figurine (pictured above) with applicable pre-orders and purchases.

For a time the official UK store has been offering the figurine with New Nintendo 3DS system and Majora's Mask 3D bundles, but emails have gone out today to those that bought the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editionto include them in the promotion. While stock lasts ambassadors in the UK that buy Majora's Mask 3D promptly will have the chance to receive the figurine. The breakdown - for those that bought the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition - is below.

  • If you've pre-ordered the game or an applicable bundle from the Official Nintendo Store the figurine will come with that order or within a few days of that arrival. This store page contains links to place those pre-orders.
  • If you haven't pre-ordered the game, you can still buy it from the official store before 28th February to receive the figurine.
  • If you've pre-ordered the game or plan to buy it from another UK retailer, you can still claim a figurine by registering the game on Club Nintendo by 28th February; it'll be despatched once Club Nintendo confirms the registration.

So there you have it, an extra treat for New Nintendo 3DS ambassadors in the UK that grab Majora's Mask 3D early. Do you plan to jump on this offer?

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