Just like the real thing?

Street Fighter II was massive back in the day. After launching on the SNES it would be ported to practically every other games machine on the face of the planet, including the monochrome Game Boy. One format that didn't get it was the ill-fated Virtual Boy - understandable when you consider how much of a commercial bomb it was - but two talented homebrew developers have fixed that.

Developers Mr. Anon and MK are the ones behind Hyper Fighting, and have not only produced an impressive game on a legit-looking cart, but also a manual and box to go along with it. As you can see from the footage below, the game actually looks pretty amazing - certainly much better than we'd have expected.

The game will never be sold, however - the moment someone actually tries to make cash off the back of the back of this project is the moment when Capcom is likely to get involved due to the obvious similarity of Hyper Fighting to Street Fighter II. Still, the copies that have made it into the wild are certain to become highly-desirable collector's items.

[source planetvb.com]