Master3 DK Big

Did you know that our dear old ape Donkey Kong has a nigh-on angelic singing voice? Anyone who watched the absolutely bizarre television series from the 90's will know all about it, and now the non-believers will finally get a chance to hear it for themselves in full. Yes, in an announcement that will either delight, disgust, or confuse in equal measure, Phase 4 Films has announced that Donkey Kong Country - The Complete First Season, is coming to DVD soon.

One of the most beloved video game characters of all time is swinging onto DVD! Donkey Kong Country brings all your favorite apes to life in stunning CGI animation. Join Donkey Kong, the peace-loving ape with a big heart as he teams with best-friend Diddy Kong to take on King K. Rool and his band of Kremlins. Includes all 26 episodes from season 1.

The official description doesn't really do justice to the bizarre turns that the show takes at times, but it sets up a familiar background with plenty of recognizable characters all rendered in that "stunning" motion capture CGI. With wobbly and surreal visuals, a wild cast and a surprisingly varied soundtrack, there's an atmosphere to the show that simply needs to be experienced to be believed. Once you've seen DK transforming into a robot and singing a Daft Punk-esque riff, there's just no going back.

The Complete First Season will swing by on May 12th, though has only been confirmed for Region 1 at the time of writing. If you're keen to add this momentous release to your DVD collection, then you can pick up the 3-disc set on Amazon for $34.99.

Until then, check out the clip below and just try to convince yourself that it doesn't look like a good time. Make sure to leave your thoughts on a world where everything is a song cue with a comment!

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