So R2 NL

SEGA’s 3D Classics range has been well-received since it arrived here in the West in 2013. With a mixture of Mega Drive / Genesis and Arcade re-releases such as 3D Super Hang-On and 3D Streets of Rage, developer M2 eventually revealed a second batch of 3D Classics would be coming to the West from early 2015 onwards. These titles included; 3D After Burner II, 3D Fantasy Zone, 3D OutRun, and 3D Thunder Blade.

While many 3DS owners are still anticipating the release of a number of these games, it appears the Australia Classification Board (ACB) has now let slip some exciting new information regarding the popular 3D Classics line that not even Japan knows about yet.

The ACB has today rated 3D Streets of Rage 2. The request was filed by SEGA Europe, with Japanese developer M2 once again in charge of the development of the title.

With a sequel to the original 3D Streets of Rage now confirmed, if more waves or individual games are on the cards, what other classic SEGA titles would you like to see get ported across to the new line? Also let us know if you would be interested in picking up 3D Streets of Rage 2 when it is finally made available on the eShop.