Keen to get their foot in the door of the shooter genre, Nintendo has announced an indie-developer third person shooter for the European 3DS eShop.

Not much is currently known about IronFall Invasion, but the developer VD-dev has been posting screenshots of the game since September last year. The game takes heavy inspiration from titles such as the Gears of War franchise with its third-person perspective and quick time-esque reloading mechanism. The game makes use of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL's C-Stick to achieve a control scheme you would expect, but it can still be played on any 3DS or 2DS system.

The game promises 6-player online and local multiplayer as well as an extensive single-player campaign. Shooters have been relatively absent from the 3DS, most likely due to the limitations of only have the single circle pad, but now that the C-Stick is a reality will this game pave the way for more shooters on the handheld? Only time will tell.

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