Jumpy Cat

This week is currently set to see the launch of Ninja Pig Studios' next Wii U eShop title, Jumpy Cat - but the developer behind the infamous Meme Run is already in hot water thanks to accusations that it has used stolen pixel art in its new game.

Jumpy Cat is slated for release on January 22nd in North America, but Richard Davey of UK-based Photon Storm has petitioned Nintendo of America to pull the game as it uses artwork taken from a pixel art tutorial featured on the Photon Storm's blog.

Davey has stated that the images shown in the tutorial are only allowed to appear in projects which are 100 percent free. Jumpy Cat will cost 99 cents when it launches on the eShop.

Ninja Pig founder Jordan Schuetz has already responded via Twitter:

At the time of writing the Jumpy Cat page on the official Nintendo of America site is listed as "unavailable", but it's not known if it has been taken down or if the current surge of traffic directed towards Club Nintendo is to blame. Here's a screengrab of the page before it disappeared:

Jump they say

Needless to say, we'll be keeping a close eye on things and will update this post if any new information comes to light.

[source Topic: Ninja Pig Studios (Meme Run): The Immature Developer]