Brothers gonna work it out

Before Mario became Super he starred in Donkey Kong and the 1983 arcade title Mario Bros., which would later be ported to the NES console. Like so many of Nintendo's classic arcade releases, Mario Bros. continues to attract high-level players who aim to bag the world's best score.

The previous record was 4,678,440 set by Tom Votava and stood for five years -- but it has now been comprehensively beaten by Florida resident Steven Kleisath.

On January 5th, Kleisath achieved a score of 5,424,920 on an original coin-op version of the game. He live-streamed the event over the web.

Speaking after his record-breaking run, Kleisath said:

I feel amazing. I definitely know now it can be pushed up even further, but you gotta have the time and stamina and focus to pull it off. I was tired but determined and because at that point I had one extra man still, I viewed it as a safety net which alleviated pressure if I would have been on my last man.

Amazingly, this isn't the only record that Kleisath holds on the 1983 title. Along with former video game referee Stephen Boyer, he also holds the two-player team record on the game.