Rockman Go Go

Capcom is a strange, occasionally illogical company. It uses the iconic Mega Man as a mascot, and no doubt observed with pleasure as Mega Man's reveal for the latest Super Smash Bros. caused a stir at E3 2013, while its tireless - and blameless - community staff pass along fan requests such as that for a fresh Mega Man collection. During the Blue Bomber's anniversary year the company released merchandise ranging from figurines, to usb sticks and tissue dispensers, and sanctioned the fan-made Street Fighter x Mega Man for a free PC release.

Let's not forget, in Capcom's defence, that today's North American arrival of Mega Man Battle Network 2 is the latest in a full-on range of past-gen titles being released on the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console, to the point that we may not be far off having every old Nintendo Mega Man title available. Yet fans want a new game, any proper new game, for a gaming system. One where Mega Man runs and shoots things, a bit like in Mega Man 10.

Alas, Capcom has another entry to file under the 'what are they doing to the Mega Man IP?!' category, with this mobile game - Rockman GoGo - that's been released in the Google Play store in South Korea; it's been developed by Jenoi Co. and licensed by Capcom.

Yep, the apocalypse is truly here.