We reported a few days ago that a user-rare copy of Stadium Events on the NES had been listed on eBay. While this isn't the most accomplished 8-bit game of all time, it is one of the rarest with a low production run - which was subsequently recalled as it was then rebranded. Only two sealed copies of the game are known to exist and the last one sold for just over $41,000.

This new auction is already outperforming the last considerably and bids are currently just a few dollars shy of $100,000, at the time of writing. GameSpot reached out via eBay and got the following response from the seller:

You've had Stadium Events since the '90s, so why sell now?
"Felt it was the right time to sell this item."

Did you consider donating it to Nintendo for their archival purposes?
"I worked for Nintendo for 22 years and do not believe they have any interest in having this game.....they are welcome to bid on it if they do want it!"

How did you come to own this copy of Stadium Events?
"While working at Nintendo games are often available to employees at end of life cycles.
I did not realize the value until 2011, when a story came out about this game being sold on eBay for $44,000. I told my wife 'I know I have that game.' I collect a lot of different items, so after looking through several boxes I found it! Since I was still working for Nintendo I could not sell this item for profit, which is a smart company policy. When I left in 2012, it was possible for me to sell this game."

It's interesting to note that the owner is an ex-Nintendo employee. While it is doubtful that the company will be making any bids for this prize item itself, the story behind it is fascinating nonetheless.

With three days left to go, it's anyone's guess what the bidding will end on. What are your thoughts on this auction? Do you think the current bids are legitimate? If so do videogame collectors have more money than sense?

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[source gamespot.com, via ebay.com]