Not so long ago we reported on another addition to the strange trend for faulty amiibo being sold on eBay, in this case a remarkably legless Princess Peach. Its early running (or not, but you know what we mean) was impressive, as it sought to overhaul the previous $2500 bid for a dual wielding Samus; it was the bounty hunter that started it all.

Peach Amiibo Legless

Bidding has now closed on this Peach oddity and, to be blunt, we'll be astonished if the final amount is honoured. That's because the winning bid was $25,100. You can buy a nice car for that, or over 70 Wii U 32GB bundles. It's insanity, and we expect the bid to be a load of old nonsense. If the seller does successfully receive this money, then the bizarre gold-rush and hunt for defective amiibo will just step up another gear.

Just today a member of the NLife team said, with a frown, that more people are asking them about amiibo than the Wii U itself. While that's a tad frustrating, and the ongoing stock shenanigans add the wrong kid of intrigue, it's clear that these little Nintendo toys are getting a lot of attention. If the company can keep that interest alive and point these intrigued consumers to the Wii U, then all the better.

Still, $25,100 on one amiibo. It can't actually happen — right?

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