We've rather enjoyed the saga of the dual wielding Samus amiibo here on Nintendo Life, even if it has prompted opportunists to employ a little photoshop manipulation to figures — hello, Brown Yoshi — to seek attention. Last week we reported on the fact that it had popped up on eBay and reached an eye-watering $1000 bid with three days to go. Madness! Craziness! Well, that was only the beginning.

Samusdoubleamiibo NEW

Bidding on the unique amiibo above has now closed and, incredibly, the bidding closed at $2500. That's enough to buy about nine Wii U systems or a slightly dodgy car, but has been spent on one amiibo which will, no doubt, remain sealed. We'd like to think it'll be locked away in a high-tech vault that requires two keyholders and a retinal scan just to see it, but we may be getting carried away.

Will the winning bidder actually pay? Will they have a panic-attack when they realise they've spent $2500 on a small NFC figure? That, dear reader, we may never know.

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